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Originally Posted by thorinoakenshield View Post
I'm changing my stock tires out.
Should I be able to remove the spacer in the rear sprocket?
When I spin the spacer, it feel kind of grimey. I want to take it out and re-grease it, of course.
I can't remove the dang thing. I dont want to pry it out because the sorounding metal "nilos ring " is very soft.
On other bikes I have I can, so I was wondering....but in the 690 owners manual, it doesnt mention removing and inspecting that particular spacer.
Maybe it was overtorqued in the factory? Should I go to my crappy dealer? Doubtful there is any real problem.....besides being anal retentive...just wondering.

Spacer should be able to be removed, but mine, on the old bike, was stuck last time I tried too. I have that same indent from the screwdriver in my soft ring too now.

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None of us are exceptionally skilled riders (excepting when I'm drunk, then I'm fcking quick).
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