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Originally Posted by YOUNZ View Post
Hi Marta, long before you were born, 1960, I was in Spain, while in the US Navy. Wonderful country. I had a great time back then. I even included some Spain adventure in my book. Way back then, I remember the local people spoke with an added accent, such as, Barcelona would be pronounced Barthelona. Some said, in empathy with the King at that time.
Have you ever heard that?

Hi Younz, what you say and what Big Daddy D confirms is right.

Spain has quite a few dialects. One of the most special ones (for me) is the one spoken in Andalusia (south of Spain). They speak very fast, eat half of the words and also have some 'picturesque' words of their own . Know it well, my grandparents from mum's side are from Andalusia (but after Spanish Civil war they emigrated to Catalonia where they live now).

But not only dialects. In Spain there are also other official languages in addition to Spanish. The most widely spoken are:

Galician (spoken in Galicia)
Euskera (spoken in Euskadi - Basque country - and Navarre)
Catalan (spoken in Catalonia, Balearic Islands and Valencia - well, some people from Valencia even claim that the language they speak is different from Catalan, they call it Valencian).

And there are even some other languages that are not official. A couple of examples:

Aragones ( spoken in some valleys of the Pyrenees)
Asturleones (spoken in Asturias and Leon)

It's a really interesting topic!
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