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Originally Posted by swimmer View Post
Means nothing.
1) just because others are cheating doesn't me by doing the same you aren't cheating.
2) LA claims he never dope. = Liar. Actually, he use to say he never doped now he just says he's never tested positive.

Unlike others, related to this investigation or not, who have had the guts to admit they cheated LA never will.
What I'm getting at is Who gives a Shit. He doped, his opponents doped, my next door neighbor doped. All the high class athletes are or have doped at some point. Not just cycling either. Either you dope, or you get left behind by the dopers. That's sports in this day and age.

Yea, sounds like a great idea to come out and admit to doping. Nobody athlete is going to admit to that while they still have a career or image to maintain. You don't see any of the losers admitting for the same reason. They are all doping liars. But like my previous statement. Who gives a shit??
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