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I one of my solutions for being stranded was a bonfire, there was a ton of collected wood that the forest service had collected in piles. I noticed a bunch of burnt down trees, this place has a habit of combusting.

A flare gun would have been nice. I don't know how staffed the fire towers are at this time of year. But I figure between the aircraft, the forest service and ranches, somebody might have saw it...

I'm still trying to decide between an ACR beacon, a Spot II Messenger, or a DeLorme Communicator. It's hard to gauge them as only a few people ever need to utilize them. Some of the reports of Spot usage I've seen, also had those folk able to call the police with cell phones too... I don't know, and the plans are all a bit confusing and apples to oranges too.

I used to carry a ton of gear, survival and otherwise. I eventually slimmed it down, I never expected to be lost within 200 miles of where I lived. Now I'm going to gear back up with water, fire, rain, and cold gear at all times. And I'm not going to let myself slip. It's one thing if you trailer your bike to where you're exploring, and have a basecamp. It's another thing entirely if you're on your lonesome.

Nobody is going to ride with me from El Paso to DFW for the holidays, because it's terrible. So if I wanted to take the back roads for a while and get off the interstate, I would be in this same situation. I don't want to be caught unprepared again.

My AllState estimate said I couldn't share the information on it for whatever reason. Also I don't want to go through an redact all the person info in it because I'm desperately lazy. Suffice to say, it's an impressive list. I'm looking forward to having the bike back in two weeks or so. I'm spending this time working on the truck some. I miss the bike though, and the weather has been great too :(

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