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Personally I think some here didn't or don't really get what you are asking. Here is my thoughts. On any get off the two most likely parts to get injured are your hands and feet. The area that would normally cause the most danger if injured would be your head. Since head injuries have the potential to be the most serious we tend to consider helmets the most essential protective gear. Objectively you would put gloves and boots as second due to both frequency of damage and the very real reduction of damage when wearing boots or gloves. The ease of having armor in a jacket may increase it's useage but boots should be gotten before an armored jacket in my opinion. You also figure in the results of even minor foot/leg damage and it seems even clearer to me. Now you don't really have to have motorcycle boots, heck even boots at all. Work boots seem to do most of the job and several companies make motorcycle shoes that cover your ankle that would probably protect just fine, but it seems a small investment and you should be able to find something cheap whose looks you can tolerate.
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