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question about valves

sorry for posting this question twice but i want this to be at the top of the new page so everyone can see it easier.

Valves came in. get to lap them tomorrow. though i noticed the new ones i ordered (listing was for an XR600R but they share the same part number as an XR650L) have a diff shape to them. they are the same size, diameter etc but my concern is the recessed dome at the bottom.

the stock valves have a wider dome at the bottom. these new ones are mostly flat with a small dome in the center. will this be a problem? will I lose compression? gain it? actually my main concern is will this modify the squish bands negatively and cause the motor to be less efficient.

Valves although look like diff sizes in picture, are identical in diameter / circumference. both are intake valves with the one on the right being the stock intake valve.
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