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Originally Posted by jdiaz View Post
Boeing will not even accept your application and resume if you they ask for CATIA experience and you don't have it. They have decided to ignore ProE and SW folks completely.
Having been directly involved in the interviewing and hiring of two employees, let me say that the recruiters in large companies are actually detrimental to the health of the organization they supposedly work for. I actually wanted to reach through the phone and choke the fuck out of the person who kept asking me, "How many hours of Catia experience are you looking for, 'cause I can filter on that basis!"

Look, you fucktard, I don't care if they've NEVER heard of Catia, just send me the fucking resumes and let me screen them! That wasn't exactly how I said it. I may have said, "PLEASE send me the fucking resumes.".

(the guy who got the job HADN'T heard of Catia and learned it just fine.)
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