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Originally Posted by davesupreme View Post
what's w/this goofball?.... i can buy a nice plated KTM 450 for way less $$$ as that 230 new... ... w/excellent suspension, and probably 2x the horsepower.... and real brakes.... and a smooth hydraulic clutch.... and it weighs the same or less..... and it runs like a raped ape and not a lawn mower..... and if you're too dumb to adjust the valves, tinker w/the jetting, change the fork oil, change the springs to the correct weight, use a kick start, etc., then you shouldn't take the thing out to bumphuque, egypt..... and if you can't tell the difference, then i dunno what to say..... get a quad, and be happy....
Yep, so can I......

That's why I have an XRR

Some people, including many on this site, either can't work on bikes or don't want to. They want to buy a new one, and they want it ready to ride/tour/whatever they want it for. People like that give people like us a good used market to chose from.

So is there something wrong with a person that wants to buy a new bike that meets their desired criteria? I don't think so. When I buy something used, I plan on a certain amount of time and money to get what I want. When I buy new, I pretty much want it right and ready to go. If that is not available, I look at the used market.

If the bike I described above was available on the NEW market, I probably would have bought one. It wasn't available, so I did the next best thing 'for me' and bought a used XRR then made it work. A used KTM would have worked for me also, but I still would have done modifications to it. For some reason though I'm not a big KTM fan, never really looked for one. No real reason, just never did.
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