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Originally Posted by jules083 View Post
Yep, so can I......

That's why I have an XRR

Some people, including many on this site, either can't work on bikes or don't want to. They want to buy a new one, and they want it ready to ride/tour/whatever they want it for. People like that give people like us a good used market to chose from.

So is there something wrong with a person that wants to buy a new bike that meets their desired criteria? I don't think so. When I buy something used, I plan on a certain amount of time and money to get what I want. When I buy new, I pretty much want it right and ready to go. If that is not available, I look at the used market.

If the bike I described above was available on the NEW market, I probably would have bought one. It wasn't available, so I did the next best thing 'for me' and bought a used XRR then made it work. A used KTM would have worked for me also, but I still would have done modifications to it. For some reason though I'm not a big KTM fan, never really looked for one. No real reason, just never did.
Aside from not wanting a project XRR because I am lamo working on stuff, I like the throttle too much. I shopped some XR650R and not too bad, look great, good prices. Lotta HP and weight, for me safer to resist, my family worries enough...Too bad Honda does not make the XRR now. The guy at the local shop is in the movie starting Baja on one, and tells me the XRR is reliable and would travel well.

KTMs look great but...I see them being worked on out when I am trail riding, guys I invite to ride on their KTMs often say, "gotta get it runnin'" My Honda always works well.
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