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Originally Posted by hgulledge View Post
Two observations if I might;

1. As has already been said, traveling rough, mountain country at night is just a plain bad idea. In survival school, it was always emphasized to wait until light.

2. You absolutely cannot trust the little off-road lines on Garmin. I tried to detour around a traffic tie up out of Laredo and rode about 40 miles of gravel only to find a locked gate and high fence across the road, which then led to another 40 miles of gravel and another hour or so getting around the traffic tie-up. All this at 108 degrees, but I did have water.
1. On foot, or on a bike? I'm aware the answer is both. It was light while I was on a bike. On foot I had no choice, I had to have water, lack of water makes you crazy as shit. You do not fear death, you just want a drink. I was more or less on 'road' rather than cross country most of the 10 miles except for a gap I had to bridge between two dead end roads. The roads were bad, especially in motocross boots, but I was able to traverse it. It's not that rough in the Lincoln Mountains, I've hiked worse in the Franklin Mountains, but I must admit, my experience in at least the Lincoln National Forest is limited, I've had more experience north towards Ruidoso where I used to live. At no point did I need to climb chains on a sheer rock face like on the Ron Coleman Trail, which is even worse if you do it in the summer.

Still, you do make a good point, wait until light if you can.

2. Well, they were 'roads' technically, but yeah, Garmin is wrong a lot, but not at much as TomTom, but I carry both, they vary in degree of wrongness.

I had luck on detours with garmin 'once'. I was stuck in 105 degree traffic on I-20. There was a wild fire sweeping across the road, I was able to use garmin to navigate out of the storm storm. No gravel though, sadly. I need to learn to trust my own judgement and carry paper maps too.

I have no excuse not to carry a paper map, I've been taught map reading and navigation.
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