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I bought a KLR650 as my first bike back in 2008 and have put 28,000 miles on it since. When riding to ride the KLR (not commute, etc.), I ride minimal pavement but also minimal single-track super gnar, of course. I picked up a plated WR450f about 2 years ago and have learned to also love true dirt bike riding.

In all this, I've realized I actually prefer higher speed dual sport riding (jeep trails and flowing dirt bike/ATV trails) over relatively slower speed technical trail riding. I don't have issues with the technical aspects of trail riding but I think the distance and speed aspects are what make the difference for me. Don't get me wrong, I still hit some ATV trails on my KLR and certainly spend at least 75% of my WR riding time on true OHV trails as well. My preferences simply lie in dual sporting, not riding a plated dirt bike. But of course, I do enjoy a light, nimble-handling steed.

So if I wanted a bulletproof ultra-low maintenance dual sport that was a compromise between my KLR650 and my WR450, would looking towards the WR250R suit my riding preferences above? I'm mainly looking to use a WR250R as a dual sport and trail riding rig, relegating the KLR650 to commuting and ADV-touring duty, and then selling my WR450. Only the bad me needs that 450 performance
I've owned a KLR among many other DS bikes and honestly the KLR was not very high on my list. Its a work horse and reliable, but IMOP just too big and heavy to really have fun off road. Its certainly possible, but not always easy. When it really got to me is when I really started trying to push it off road, it just became a handful fast. Its much happier putting along and carrying you in no particular rush.

I've probably been in a similar boat as your WR450 when I had a tagged KTM 520. Fun on the technical trails and stuff, but when it ever it came to a long road jaunt, it pretty much sucked. I still very much enjoyed the bike, but it just didn't fit my needs any more. If I got rid of my actual dirt bike (GasGas 300) I could see me getting another one in that type of range to cover that side of things.

I most recently had a Husky TE-610 near the beginning of this year that I put 4k miles on in 3 months and loved that bike. It really was a wonderfully setup dual sport and so much fun, but it didn't meet that bulletproof and low maintenance one very well. Among other things of riding with my wife on her XT225, I decided to sell it and try the WR250R instead.

I can tell you coming from a Husky TE-610 to a WR250R, especially at 6'4"/240lbs was quite the change, but I am overall thrilled with my choice. So far I'm loving the WRR and on the dual sport stuff, its a great bike. Amazingly, its actually quite comfy on the road too. The motor is so smooth and the FI on the bike is really nice. The bike is so light, it is a breeze to throw around. It is a revvy little motor and not much torque down low so I had to change my riding style a bit to keep the motor revved up, but once I got comfy with that, I became really quick on the little bike. My buddy still has a TE-610 and I enjoy chasing him on the WRR.
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