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Originally Posted by super samurai View Post
if you have an aftermarket tank check the check ball in the cap.
mine did this a few weeks ago and my little ball in my aftermarket cap was plugged and my tank hard as a rock forcing fuel past the float. just a possibility
Man, I was hoping that was the issue, but not this time anyway. Good knowledge for down the road though.

So I pulled the carb, removed the bowl, and to be quite honest, I found nothing out of the ordinary. Not sure what to think. I bumped up the main from a 155 that I put in when new to escape the factory lean condition, and popped in a 165 main as I am removing the snorkel and doing a full exhaust while everything is opened up. Also finishing the Dave's mods, and doing a valve adjustment check. I'm at 4,500 miles, so it probably wouldn't hurt to have a look at them.

So, is there something I am missing on the overflow issue? Something to look for?

When removing the snorkel, and adding a full FMF exhaust, is going up 5 on the pilot from the 55 I put in to make it run good stock, to a 60 sound about right? And replacing the 155 I also put in it to run good stock with a 165 sound about right? Motor all stock besides these intake and exhaust mods running a stock air filter. I have a 170 but that might be too much. Please chime in!! Thanks!!
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