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I am for improvements. Did not say NOT to improve things. My Stude has a V8 where it had a flat head straight 6.

My Cafe has about 20% more HP than it had and cool home made expansion chambers.

I love creative stuff and custom builds.

I guess I am just confused as to what you are trying to accomplish here. You started off talking about a KTM killer, not me.

What KTM are you killing? A nonexistant middleweight archaic tech aircooled heavy beast that does nothing well and is gutless. You are correct then, THAT KTM does NOT exist.

To have a built up DR motor in a cool customized chassis is SUPER cool to me. Nice simple air cooled and reliable bike in a good handling and welll suspended chassis is a GREAT idea. A gutless, heavy, overly linear powered, old tech air cooled twin is a mediocore chassis to begin with is nothing exciting now. Dont see the point. Then to brag about it being a cheap KTM killer is just BS talk. You can not have it both ways. You can not brag about something being a "killer" of something then have it suck and not admit it.

Build something cool. Have fun with it. But stop knocking other peoples bikes by saying yours is gonna kill it and then your bike does NOT do that, and THEN cry foul that it was never in the same class...this is a middleweight air cooled twin.....duh.

Just NOT into unjustifyed lip flapping I guess. I am more of a "put up or shut up" guy.
I just like seeing a cool build and that build standing on its own merit. Digging the hard work you are doing and the creative design, but it is NOT a Corvette or a Turbo Carrera. It is an old bike with an old twin motor in it, COOL. Dont make it what it is not and what it NEVER will be.
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