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RTW... Which Bike Stays Home?

Own both as you can see.
The 990 came 1st, followed by the WR250R which beckoned consideration.
Each bike's strong suits and weaknesses are very apparent, having explored the way they move, respond, lead, follow, and their mechanical whims and demands.

It is my intention to spend the next year taking them (seperately of course) on increasingly more distant journeys, while pondering quietly which would win the ultimate "nod".

Please educate me;
Of anyone who HAS actually taken their bike over rivers or ponds, by boat, barge, ferry or air-lift, consisting of spontaneous destinations aimed towards remote civilizations, world wonders, or villages with fascinating names; Which bike would ultimately be favored by the wisdom of those who have gone before me? << Around the world!

My style and rationale;
  • I will seek improved roads, yet sought the suspensions these offered in case fate requires we high step, push, pull and pick each other up along the way... the frequency of such encounters gave rise to the WR250R purchase.
  • Many predecessors I've observed successfully pursued these roads on big twins, hence the 990 Adv purchase.
  • In either case, it would appear the lesser (smaller) bike might certainly be kinder, more forgiving, command less mechanical attention, and punish my funds far less when broken or thirsty, so I must concede she (Yamaha) has an enduring allure of her own.
  • Conversely the 990 might offset her girth, treachery and high maintenance with resounding presense, evoking diplomacy where the leery natives might otherwise suspect our substance if we were standed, hungry, or seeking shelter.
  • The WR250R might similarly conjure an air of wonder, inspiring onlookers to revel in our non-pretentious journey, while incidentally failing to indicate our net worth, and how we might be fleeced.
Any of the above benefits or detractors are welcome parts of the adventure, my only hope is that I hear and find wisdom to postively influence this minor detail.

I may flip a coin, unless of course someone tried THAT too and chose wrong... TELL us about it!!! .

Trust me when I say this, we may be gone for years. Those here who know me know I will, and they know why.

They meet

Wonder what they're thinking??
Less pondering. Simply march ahead, to the ends of this majestic planet.

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