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Originally Posted by Tropic-Of-Canada View Post
how much "assistance" do you really get if you are using their shop? I'm probably looking at a valve job...of course I'd love to learn, but is that something beyond what they would help you with? what is their hourly rate?
Scott is great, he'll help you with anything. They'll give you as much help as you want or need. Membership is $100/yr and includes use of their shop and tools for $20/hr, 10% discount off purchases, free mounting and balancing of tires, discounted shop rate of $80/hr for work they do, one free roadside assistance call/yr, bike washing and there's something else too I can't remember. I've been a member there for a year and a half and it's been great. I recommend you at least go and talk to Scott - see what you think.
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