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Originally Posted by etingelefunts View Post
Is your suggestion that the WR stays home, or gets to go?...

If I know eakins (from the short time that I've been here), he's telling you to leave BIG ORANGE at home. And, despite the fact that I'm not an extensive world traveler (as you eluded to, in your first post), I would have to agree with him.

I would agree with him, first, because of the reason that he mentioned. WRs, KLRs, and DRs (and the like) are just anvil reliable. That would be my first concern, especially if I was exploring beyond my comfort zone. My second concern, for some of the stuff you mentioned, would be weight. And, the WR has the Adventure beat on that account, too.

To me, unless you foresaw that your travels would include days and days of slabbing, the WR is the winner, all the way around...

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