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Originally Posted by gec343 View Post
The reverse is normally not needed, and not worth the effort to use.
it is true that there almost always a way to pivot the rig so that you can pull put forwards from a space (not always a legal way to park).

There's a whole block of spots by the downtown library. Its a two way street, the spaces are at a diagonal from the street, i.e. a 45 degree angle. The hill is a downhill, so to enable pulling put, you have to back the rig in. (we'll just ignore the sign that says"head-in parking"). It's true that you can stop prior to the spot and wait for oncoming traffic to clear. But you will then have several cars behind you. when you do the almost full U-turn, a135 degree left, those cars are now going by you, now you have to wait, then you can roll backwards into the spot.

Hills and inner-city traffic are easier with a reverse than without, or do you deny that? I can slip the bike onto reverse with as much foot movement as shifting into 1st, it's not hard at all, so how can you say "not worth the effort"? There's no effort, it's a lift or a push with my right foot on a stock Ural. Anybody who thinks it's hard is doing it wrong

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