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Originally Posted by muskeg View Post
I liked the style of Alberto and Naomi's Bella Coola report so much I read the WABCDR and now I'm reading Canada to Argentina. They are obviously tech savvy, which gives the reports a polished look. The photos are top notch and they cover a lot of details of the ride aided by daily notes. Neither of them come across as excessively hardcore riders, but I perceive no egotism or judgement from the writing which is concise and pertinent. I also enjoy Naomi's reviews on their bikes and gear and final thoughts on the places they visit. Good stuff!
Thanks for the props amigo
Naomi does the writing (at the end of each day) and I take the photos we write these reports so we can look back at them and recall the good times (planing on turning them into personal coffee-table books). We enjoy interacting with other inmates Other pros of publishing our RRs is that we can share them with friends and family, and make new friends with common interests.

We've been fortunate enough to meet local riders that followed our RRs and made a few good riding friends. Amazingly, inmates inspired by our ride down to Argentina, have stopped by our place when it was their turn to hit the road (months or even years after reading our RRs).

My advice... from experience :

- Keep it real, tell it like it is.

- Be yourself. Not everyone will like your style and that's fine.

- Don't leave all the writing to the end of the ride (short or long ride) or you'll forget details. It's not easy to write down notes everyday or weekly but you have to make that effort... if you ever want to 'start & finish' you RR.

- Take lots of photos. 1 out 10 will turn out fine. 1 out of 100 will turn out great.

- Interact with your 'subscribers'. Most comments/feedback are encouraging and friendly but some will not be. Don't take yourself too seriously.

- It's called a 'Ride Report'. Write about the ride. Document (photos, videos) the ride.

- Have fun doing the RR. If you're not having fun and you feel 'obligated' to keep it going, drop it. Not everyone needs to publish a RR.

I may be forgetting a couple of more tips... I'll add them here if I remember them


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