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Battery Charge Q

Battery. Was left alone, without a charger for about 6 months. I charged it up a week back using a Ctek charger.

Hooked it up again today. The charger has an indication for Currently Charging / Maintenance, which comes on anytime the voltage drops below 14V.

Once 14.4V is reached again, there is an indicator for Fully Charged.

The charger is switching between the ]Currently Charging / Maintenance mode and Fully Charged mode very frequently.

For 50 seconds it'll indicate Fully Charged. Then, for 2-3 seconds, it'll indicate Currently Charging / Maintenance. And it just keeps cycling like that.

Is this normal? 0.4V loss every 50 seconds...

Should I junk it?

Full disclosure: I tried hooking up hooking up the starter motor (standalone, detached from the bike) directly to the battery just a moment ago before I hooked it up to the charger. There was a loud noise during which I flinched and closed my eyes and found the motor about 4 inches away...
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