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Originally Posted by RZRob View Post
I took my new and newly plated XRR out on it's maiden voyage in the hills near my house. I'd actually never been on this trail before and was thinking how lucky I was to be on my XRR and not my XRL. No sooner did that thought cross my mind when I run across this poor schmuck on his XRL attempting the same trails. He was backing down from a failed attempt on a steep part of the trail and said this was his 4th crash of the day. Not saying I couldn't have made it on my XRL, but it would've been a lot harder.

His bike had the relocated battery, XRR sprocket and fork brace and pivot pegs and pipe. Pretty nice 2005 with 10K

RZ Rob

My xrl has all the usual desmogging/derestricting mods, Daves mods, uni filter, Big Gun exhaust, a few parts changed/removed for lighter weight, and slightly lowered/revalved suspension. I'm 6'3" so the bike fits me well. The bike runs mega strong now with instant throttle snap, and I've NEVER came across a situation in the dirt where I needed more power...the bikes a tractor that also revs quick and hard when needed, and I've never failed to make any obstacle because of a lacking on the bikes part. If that guy couldn't make the hillclimb with his similiarly modded xrl, it wasn't because his xrl didn't have the power...he just didn't have the ability. I've been riding since I was in my early teens, and I've taken my xrl up some unbelievable hills, feet on the pegs, in complete control the whole way.
I'm not trying to brag, just saying the bikes very capable, its usually the rider thats lacking

But then thats the case in alot of situations
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