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Originally Posted by etingelefunts View Post
Own both as you can see.
The 990 came 1st, followed by the WR250R which beckoned consideration.
Each bike's strong suits and weaknesses are very apparent, having explored the way they move, respond, lead, follow, and their mechanical whims and demands.

It is my intention to spend the next year taking them (seperately of course) on increasingly more distant journeys, while pondering quietly which would win the ultimate "nod".

Please educate me;
Of anyone who HAS actually taken their bike over rivers or ponds, by boat, barge, ferry or air-lift, consisting of spontaneous destinations aimed towards remote civilizations, world wonders, or villages with fascinating names; Which bike would ultimately be favored by the wisdom of those who have gone before me? << Around the world!

I have no doubts, that both bikes could go RTW. But which one will be the better choice for YOU, for YOUR trip, I think I would need to know more about your plans, to even try to guess an answer.

For 2-up, the choice would be pretty obvious... but even if your riding solo, how much luggage will you be carrying (are you carrying camping gear) is one important thing. The 250 can´t be packed very heavily, or youre bound to have problems. Your own weight with the riding gear naturally needs to be count in.

Another important thing is, where do you plan to go, and what kind of roads are you planning to ride? You could go practically around the planet without leaving the tarmac these days, but that´s not everyone´s cup of tea. If you want to do a lot of smaller backroads, then this kind of tour will take quite a bit of time. For this reason I think it´s quite normal, that people mainly use main roads on their RTW-trips (even though there will certainly be exceptions to that) and if you´re using main roads, then off-road capabilities of the bikes will be secondary to comfort on steady highway speed.

Smaller & lighter bike WILL definitely have an advantage on the most demanding stretches of road, but like I said, those are becoming optional. Main roads will be used by buses & trucks, so even streetbikes can normally handle them just fine.

Smaller bike will also be better, when you need to lift it into a boat, or freight the bike across oceans, as it will pack into a smaller, lighter box.

You will need to be able to do the regular maintenance to the bike practically by yourself most of the time, so the bike, that is easier to maintain, is better in this respect. Spare parts, the Yam might have a small advantage, because it is Japanese, and a 250, but I would not expect to find parts widely available outside the areas, where these models are imported.

One more thing to consider is the bike´s value. It will most likely be uninsured in most countries, so if it´s stolen, for example, then it´s gone and you won´t get a dime from anywhere. Even if that does not happen, the bike´s value will usually go down rapidly, because it will look a lot more used, than if you´d do the same mileage back home! Also if your plans will take you to carnet-countries (East Africa, Asia, Australia) then the bike´s value will affect the carnet bond amount.

Bottom line, there is no 1 definite answer to this, you´ll just need to pick the one, that YOU feel happier to go with. Even if someone else feels differently, they can only speak for themselves.

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