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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
Coma made up no less than 4 minutes on Despres between CP1 & 2.

He might have gone due east through the erg instead of south first, back north and then east. The question is: How did the other guys not see his track? Or maybe he missed a WP?

There are soooooo many teams testing, tours and general traffic around the Erg chebbi... the ground is "littered" with tracks criss crossing everywhere.

I was actually prompted to poise the question earlier, just how detailed the roadbook for this part of the SS is... or primarily WPS waypoints...? if go zoom right in, you can see that in places it is just a labyrinth of converging tracks and trails... easy to jump on the wrong one... even if you ICO is off by only a hundred meters or so...

I think thats why there are so many different "trajectories" on the tracker... and explain the slightly different entrance into the dune pass earlier.
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