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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
I don't think MC will be letting 5 or ten seconds here or there worrying him just at the moment...

All the (presumable) HRC fanfaire of getting their first stage win at their first rally might be amusing enough for the boys at Mattighofen & Co. to let them have it...?
Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
We think alike
Okay, so in the end it was't five or ten seconds... more like a minute and twelve... but think about it... tomorrow Marc gets to shadow the new kid on the block and see if he sweats.

Then there is the MEDIA aspect of things; the poor old KTM press corp have "been there done that" as far as stage wins, leader of the rally yaddayaddayadda... goes. You can only put a spin on things and hype the press releases so much...

But they know that the HRC spindoctors will be up and running with this all over the f5-ing www.web as we speak!

So why not let them do the job for us...

Tomorrow is another day and there is a week of "another days" left to come before the fat lady gets drenched in Moet & Chandon...

so let Helder and the boys at HRC have a much deserved moment of glory in the limelight!

We got a race on our hands!
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