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Originally Posted by Switchblade315 View Post
Y'all may get a report on me for TKing. Last night we where running our PZVIs and had 2 KV-1S's one fought to the death. the other stoped up on the hill and barked orders as the rest of us slowly died or sniped the people coming across the field to the cap. it got down to me (PZVI) a Dmax and two artys, a m41 and a Grill i think. still he barked orders and said just sit and let it go for a draw. at that point I was pissed and told the other team to go kill him because he refused to help us, he was still at 100% and parked up by the windmill. he them barked at me something I don't remember what something about me being a bad team mate. well he turned and came back at us, (the 3 of us still fighting) my view range was good enough that I could see anything that moved and I was taking shots every time something lit up. as was the arty. slowly we where chewing them down. and here comes the ass. bark bark bark. so i rotated and fired a shot into him with the neutered 75 that my pore PZVI now has. took of like 10% and i go back to fireing at the other team, her shoots me, so me and the Dmax fire on him and I get the kill, did not turn blue tho. so now it's just me and arty.. we lost.... I hate heavy players like that. Oh and no one else said anything about me killing him.
I had a dingleberry pull that "I'm the General of this team" crap once.....definitely a "oops, my finger slipped" moment....
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