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Is it for financial reasons or b/c the wife doesn't think it's safe? Maybe it's difficult to justify the extra debt if they're already 10's of thousands in debt because of a new truck & boat. Possibly, the wife doesn't want her husband looking like what she perceives as a d-bag on a bike, and the husband is a little whipped. Also possible is that said husband is barely capable of balancing a bicycle, so therefore shouldn't be on a motorcycle. I guess they just won't be a cool as us real motorcyclists who throw caution to the wind (note: sarcasm). Honestly, if you don't take into consideration your spouse's thoughts, marriage may not be the best choice. BTW, at this very moment, my wife is pregnant & barefoot in the kitchen baking me a pie

I agree with JVB; that more often than not, men use their wives as a scapegoat.
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