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Originally Posted by betasigscoot View Post
....... Also possible is that said husband is barely capable of balancing a bicycle, so therefore shouldn't be on a motorcycle.......
This reminded me of the only time I remember ever telling my ex wife no to something she wanted to do. She enjoyed riding on my bike with me. Then one day we were out and had stopped for lunch some place and a couple pulls in, each on their own bikes. She starts talking with the lady and decides she wants her own bike. I flat out told her no, and told her why I was against it. She was a terrible driver in her car. Never payed attention to her surroundings. No way in the world was I going to put her on a motorcycle. She's a great lady and a lot of fun. Good at a lot of things, but driving wasn't one of them. She'd have been another statistic within a few hundred miles.
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