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I'm seeing evidence, in name and not responding, that we have actual Chinese and Japanese players here in the American server. I'd suggest being careful about shooting people who don't respond to us asking for help.


In other news, I have fully researched the KV-13 and found it a better tank than I thought it would be, but it certainly forced me to learn to play it as a medium. From that researching I was able to buy the T-43 for a lateral-move to that tier 7 (to move up the Soviet medium line while bypassing some crappy lower level mediums). So far I think I have 4 or 5 wins in the T-43, and only one loss. The wins aren't something i can take direct credit for since I have only been top tier maybe once, but the tank seems to be doing well for me now that I'm using the 'medium' skills I learned on the KV-13.

I've had days and days of far more wins than losses lately... the shame is that with 10k battles my win-rate percentage is just barely going up... been stuck at 52% for weeks when my friends and I have really been winning 80% to 90% of the games we've teamed up together for. I'm lucky because I get to platoon with two up-and-coming guys that are blowing me away (0ldmanJenkins and BeepBeep - i hotlinked their stats there). They've just come into their own lately and are owning tiers 7 through ten. Either one, IMHO, are ready to be taken in to the main Guerrillas clan (we (Rebellion) are a feeder clan for Guerrillas)... I don't know why they keep allowing me into their platoons, lol.

It sure makes the game better to play with effective teammates.

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