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This was funny:

I helped a local enduro club this weekend, with a side tangent of the event for big bikes. One of the guys likes to add to events where he can, a modified enduro route,so guys with the big BMW's and KTM( 950's, 990's, etc), can run too, but not have to deal with the really tight stuff.

So I was waiting at my final check point for the big bikes, and some of the "regular" enduro guys were there with their bikes, setting up their check. Of course, they were all on KTM two strokes. I was using my WR250R.

I was explaining to them that I personally do not get involved with enduros, and prefer hare scrambles. Almost at the same time, two of the guys asked which bike I used, and were shocked when I pointed to the trusty WRR. None of them could believe that I finished a hare scramble with the WRR, much less finished ahead of some people( not many...but some ).

I am contemplating starting to call the bike G&G...gas and go. For the most part, that is all I have to do.
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