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Originally Posted by AZbiker View Post
And in a panic situation we typically revert to our training.

So training to be comfortable in the gaps between cars is a better plan than not training and just improvising.

Whoda thunk it?
Please explain to me how I made the wrong choice, you are very unclear.

Again. Slabbing on a congested freeway in the #1 lane. (this means cars ALL around doing 80)

Coming up to stopped traffic on freeway. (this means ALL cars which were previously doing 80 are now hard on their brakes)

Car behind me doesn't hit brakes. ( This means I am either occupying a space which is going to disappear or I'm between lanes or I'm on the shoulder (which is chock full of debris) because there are NO gaps IN LANES to be had)

I'm waiting for your very sage (I'm sure) response. With bated breath and all that.
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