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Originally Posted by PhilB View Post
Interesting mix.

"Loud pipes saves lives" -- Rarely true, but possible. Sometimes the noise provides a clue to others. I don't find that worth the bad side of it.

"had to lay er down" -- False. You're right about this one.

"splitting for safety" -- Generally true. Splitting is safer, unless someone intentionally tries to hurt you for doing it.

"10 over for safety" -- Sort of true. In a car, the safest speed is the same as everyone else, keeping with the general flow of traffic. On a bike, the safest speed is just slightly faster than the general flow of traffic.

"Wheeling for railroad tracks" -- Sort of true. The best is to cross the tracks at as close to a right angle as possible, but if it is at an acute angle, that can be an edge trap for the front wheel, and getting it up and over might be the best answer.

"standing to see" -- How is that not true? Standing gives you a better field of vision, and can be useful.

Don't give up your day job and apply to work at MythBusters just yet.

yup. Even in a car, I prefer to engage with traffic from the front than the rear. It's safer to drive looking out the windshield than spending too much time driving in the rearview mirrors. (note I said "too much" time)
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