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I have had 3 KTMs in 12 years, NONE of them was crap. Sure they required a bit of set up to get them right, but once that effort was made, they were fantastic. The only bikes I have liked better have been my race YZs.

I have had 2 REALLY bad Kawasakis, total CRAP. I was racing MX then and had a shop give me 2 to race and after that year of racing them I CHOSE to PAY for Yamahas so I could finish a race. Hell twice I did not even get to start the race because they were crap.

I also had 2 Suzuki RMs in the late 90s that would buck you off for NO reason, Just random frame flex would kick sideways and spit you in whoops no matter who or how the shock was set up the frame just flexed like a noodle.
Never had that in a KTM. By FAR the best set up street legal dirtbikes on the market!!!! NOT perfect. BUT BY FAR the best we have now.

KTM bashing always cracks me up. Jealousy is an ugly beast. Bergs and Huskys are of course in the running with KTM for great DS bikes, but there is NO Asian bike out there that even comes close or is in the same market as as these Euro bikes.

If you want a good "middle weight" twin DS bike, get a BMW F800GS. That is a decent bike, still far from great.

The "perfect" bike does NOT exist and I do not see one anytime in the future. You just can not engineer a bike that turns like a CR450R, is stable like a YZ450 in the rough, street legal like a KTM, reliable like a DR {VERY unproven according to this thread}, comfortable like a BMW RT, long haul like Goldwing, Range like GSA, fast like a GSXR or a Ducati, and CHEAP to is not there, not possible to build in this age of tech yet. Maybe in the future but not now.

PLEASE prove me wrong, I want one if it does come around. But NOW, and for the forseeable future, ALL bikes are a compromise on many aspects. A person needs to prioritize what he wants to do the most of and what he is willing to give up, then pick the closest bike to that he can find.

I am far from wealthy. I am just a carpenter that works for a company. agerage middle class family man. I LOVE MX, I raced it for MANY years and that is my riding style. I want an MX bike that has a plate on it. I have a BMW RT for my street touring and that is fine, but the KTM 450/525/530/new 500 is THE bikes for me. I change bikes every 2-3 years always looking for that next great bike that will fit more of my needs, it just is not there yet. Bikes are a priority to me and I ususally buy new because I want to ride and not have problems, it gets very expensive, but my ride time is valuable so crindgingly spend the money for new or newer good bikes.

Have fun, I really am not a dick here, just sharing my feelings. GO PROVE ME WRONG and build a 275lb MX bike that is plated for street and can comfortably tour for 500 miles a day back to back and get 300 miles out of a tank of fuel....PLEASE.
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