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Originally Posted by BIG-E View Post
Sorry, I just didn't think the OP was getting IT! Even with my Sidi's on this is what happened, could you imagine how my leg would have looked with out the boot on? And this was just a little 4 gear high side in a sand wash!

Taking the stapels out was fun.... The shoulder is what hurt the most, it was dis-located and the rotater cuff was torn into. They had to use cadaveor ligiments to put me back together.

I am a firm believer in ATGATT!!

My helmet (Klim F-4) was toast as well, my Oakley goggles actually cut my nose!

Doc said if'in it wasn't for my gear, they would have called the hurst instead of the ambulance!!

Just something to think about.....

Be Blessed everyone, Eric.
No worries, I had an accident with my tt600. I cant remember anything, but i made a video just after the crash . I went over the bars, the back eng kicked up. landed on the side of my head. After words i started the bike played a bit more ( according to my tire tracks ) and went home. As soon as my mother opened the garage door i asked her where i was, was i still studying engineering and an i still on vacation .

I had a concussion and if it wasn't for my helmet, i would probably not be here. My neck hurt for like 2 months afterwords
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