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Originally Posted by ph0rk View Post
I'm not really sure that is emasculation - plenty of women I know do whatever the hell they want to do and it doesn't make them masculine.

I think "wife won't let me" is a great excuse - that's what I say to dealers when i'm ready to leave and I want them to turn off the hard sell.
I gotta remember that one when I'm out kicking tires. That's an awesome way to get out of the dealership without going thru the hassle,

I make wimmens I'm serious about a deal. I'm not going to run around on em with any other wimmens but my bikes (pedal and moto). They were here first... So far its worked.

Riding (moto and pedal) is 'part of who I am.' The pedal part makes me a much nicer person to be around. The moto makes me and keeps the wanderlust down.

I'm a cyclist that rides motos, not a moto rider that rides bicycles.
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