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Originally Posted by Smithy View Post
Ric is a friend and mentor of mine. There are some unfounded assumptions in the story of the Ulfberht as told by NOVA, but Ric is an excellent craftsman and one of the few in the world who could do what he did. I know 3 or 4 others who could try and probably be as successful, but it's a short list.

Ask yourself, though, why a Scandinavian craftsman would use the Latin alphabet, when they had their own runic one, even if he were literate. Remember this is pre-Christian epoch up there. Ask yourself, as well, about the meaning of the various inscriptions on the reverse side of the blade that were shown briefly in some of the paper sketches but never mentioned during the film.

Lots of questions, too few answers, beautiful craftsmanship in the process. There's a reason we call this "experimental archaeology".
Holy cow, I never even considered any of that! I was too wrapped up in watching him work that steel. Damned impressive skills!

But now that you bring it up....yeah, what IS up with that?
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