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Originally Posted by Punkonjunk View Post
I registered just to say thanks wholeheartedly to all of you for this amazing information. I just sent in my stuff to register a 1981 c70 with a 125cc engine. ( pix)
It's kind of amazing, and I talked the guy down for no title, and this information was amazing, so happy I didn't bother with ITS.

Cheers! I'll let you know when the plates come, and I'll let you know if I can retitle it effectively in wisconsin.
WI is really dumb about lost titles, and this information is sorely lacking on the interwebs. This thread is just the greatest thing, though.

EDIT: Plates came, no trouble so far!
So here is your big problem with all of this.... LEO stops you and asks for your DL,reg and POI. THEY DON"T MATCH as per state! Now how do you explain a WI DL and insurance and a VT reg and plate? He writes you a big ticket for an IMPROPER PLATE with a FIX IT. Now what? You even have trouble cooking up a "snowbird" story on that one.
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