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Originally Posted by Snarky View Post
I tried to see if someone posted about this yet. Didn't see one.

I'm a PC gamer, always have been. I got a custom PC, with a huge library, almost never touch the Xbox, never owned a Sony console.

I'm also a Sim junky. Or at least, I used to be. The simulation market has fallen on hard times, especially Space Sims.

I have fond memories of Wing Commander, Tachyon, and Freelancer. EVE Online, is less a space sim, and more a corporation sim. I dont have time for an induction into middle management.

thanks for sharing that, it is pretty cool looking! I used to play eve as well, i found that if you stuck to the low sec space, you could get along just fine without corporate politics. I had a group of guys i played with from time to time without a lot of requirements like that. I have to agree that it becomes an excersize in the mind-numbing once you hit 0.0 space, if you are trying to accomplish anything useful.

i still miss it, though. between work, full time school and family though, i don't have any time. it would be nice to have something that i could pick up and put down at will!
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