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Greetings and salutations to the One Called jaubuchon from the People of the BigWheel,

It is a cause of great sadness to hear of the passing of a BigWheel from this realm. However, if its parts bring life to other BWs, then the Circle of Life is completed and a greater purpose is served in honor of The Great BigWheel.

It sounds like the remaining valuable parts are going to be linked to the swing arm. The wheel, axle, jackshaft, wheel hub, brakes, eccentric bushings and the swing arm itself could all be recycled. If you still have the seat, that would truly make someone happy.

I'd like to see the eccentric bushings in Shercoman's hands so he can get his pirate Yamaha Counterfeit Parts Factory up and running. The 200's bushings are different from the 350's.

I feel the BW-powered mower is an appropriate project for a heart transplant.

But, of course, only if we get videos or pictures posted.


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