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Originally Posted by airdale74451 View Post
What is the name of the mountain range in the area of Ciudad Victoria and Soto la Marina and south toward Tampico?
differing opinion here.
Consulting my notes and my trusty 1987 PEMEX ROAD ATLAS there are a number of mountain ranges you might be referring to. It all depend on what direction you mean when you say "in the area of Cd Victoria ...."
Cd Victoria of course sit s at the front of the Sierra Madre and component mountai rages have their own names ( Gorda may well be one of the range names ,just means BIG mts. ,, but I thought that Sra Gorda was really a range farther south and west, more in Queretaro) .
I do know that farther north of Cd Victoria it becomes Sierra El Tesoro range and Cumbres de Monterrey,to south are different ranges.
But straight north of Cd Victoria and east on the plain is the smaller Sierra Chiquita ( east of Linares , neat roads to San Carlos,El Gavillan,Burgos)
From Victoria directly east you will find Mex 70 and alternate highway to Soto La Marina passing through the north hills of the Sierra de Tamaulipas which stretches far south and covers most of the area bracketed by Mex 70 Mex 180 Mex 81 and Mex 85
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