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Originally Posted by Tosh Togo View Post
What kind of battery is this?.
Originally Posted by Sport View Post
Could be toast but I'd have it load tested first. Most places that sell batteries can test it for you for free. If it severely discharges under load and doesn't recover quickly, it's toast.
You are taking the "word" of a charger, without actually trying the battery?

Are you sure this charger is working properly? You're assuming it is, and it might not be. "Rest" the battery as suggested above and check the voltage with a digital volt meter (Harbor Freight gives them away). If it reads low (<12v) you could try a less fancy charger and see what happens. It couldn't hurt.

Really need to know what kind of battery it is (AGM, flooded wet cell). If it is a wet cell, is the electrolyte level correct?

A wet cell battery can be tested with a hydrometer (even the cheap "count the floating balls" version) and that will tell you the state of charge or if you have a weak or dead cell.

With AGM, you can't use a hydrometer, and some form of load testing would need to be done. (Load testing a wet cell is great entertainment, watching the bad cell fizz). Not that I'm their salesman, but HF has a 100amp tester for $25. The 500amp for $60 is overkill for bike batteries, but would let you load test bigger (car/boat) batteries as well.

We await more info...
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