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I never know what to say to the "never masculated" guys. They're a bit unsettling. Growling "grow a pair" seems counterproductive. I just feel sorry for them and disgusted in equal measures.

There's a guy in my neighborhood who I think falls a bit into the "fear" category. He's always wandering past while walking their little rat dog, talks about wanting to buy a motorcycle, and admires my fleet. But at the age of 60, with his gonads firmly locked away in his wife's purse, I don't think he'll ever do anything about it. Every time he walks away, I resolve never to become that guy.

However, my wife and I freely use the "he/she won't let me" excuse when needed to fend off pesky salesdroids, and it works well. Then we laugh our asses off. The very thought of one of us "allowing" the other to do anything is fookin' hilarious.

And yes, we did have "the talk" about motorcycles long before marriage.
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