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It's Total Recall...

Your images are what my mind recalls... of the places I've seen in your photographs. But you actually manage precision timing in setting up your photos. Honestly, I rarely am fortunate enough to visually capture many moments during the dawn or dusk "magic" hours as you so patiently do.

As I've said on other threads and have had the stark realization... It takes an extreme amount of patience beyond what great photographers require... to be a photographer by way of motorcycle. The additional patience to stop the fun of riding, to begin the fun of setting up for the photo... simply has me perplexed. The more I photograph my motorcycle travels, the more I have a greater appreciation for you that do it all so well planned, so patiently, so precise and so creatively.

And I personally love the balance of scenic photography on it's own... and also as a backdrop for a beautiful adventure bike, which conjured up the thoughts of the journey to and from. Additionally, I enjoy the short narratives that can be added giving the right subtext of the trips... like a simple reveal of the location, interesting or strange situations and drama involved.

You've certainly got the perfect balance going on.

And perhaps I'm one of the more fortunate ones in that I've experienced many of your locations first hand, so I can really appreciate how much more special you manage to capture these in photos. Just like I wish I could do, and as I swear they reflect in my mind from when I was there, only better... As I recall.
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