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Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
I have no doubts, that both bikes could go RTW... I think I would need to know more about your plans, to even try to guess an answer.
The trip won't be meticulously sorted in advance, which is where the WR's appeal surfaces

Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
For 2-up, the choice would be pretty obvious... but even if your riding solo, how much luggage will you be carrying (are you carrying camping gear) is one important thing. The 250 canŽt be packed very heavily, or youre bound to have problems. Your own weight with the riding gear naturally needs to be count in.
Solo, with a load suitable to either bike. 22 years in the Marines learnt me to pack light

Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
...where do you plan to go, and what kind of roads are you planning to ride?
Part of the plan, is to abandon script on a whim, and often times go "thataway" en route to the next continent, so all manner of roads are conceivable, only turning around if the perceived risks (i.e. rickety bridges, or traversing rapids of unkown depths) render a foreboding which can't be vanquished

Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
Smaller bike will also be better, when you need to lift it into a boat, or freight the bike across oceans, as it will pack into a smaller, lighter box.

Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
You will need to be able to do the regular maintenance to the bike practically by yourself most of the time, so the bike, that is easier to maintain, is better in this respect. Spare parts, the Yam might have a small advantage, because it is Japanese, and a 250, but I would not expect to find parts widely available outside the areas, where these models are imported.
Very well received. The Yam is vastly easier to work on, having rebuilt a 990 from the ground up it would seem what takes 2 weeks for parts in labor abroad, might be achieved through the course of a late night by the Yamaha.

Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
One more thing to consider is the bikeŽs value....Also if your plans will take you to carnet-countries (East Africa, Asia, Australia) then the bikeŽs value will affect the carnet bond amount.
"Carnet bond" is a term foreign to my ears. Will set about learning what this means, and THANK YOU for that insight!!

Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
Bottom line, there is no 1 definite answer to this, youŽll just need to pick the one, that YOU feel happier to go with. Even if someone else feels differently, they can only speak for themselves.
I truly believe I would be delighted on either for the most part, only pondering whether the lesser bike (Yamaha) would provide greater advantages depite her inadequacies, via her un-cumbersome stance when the frequent forays onto roads less travelled creep in.
Originally Posted by SR1 View Post
I have both a WR250r and a 1200GS. I'm currently in S. Korea, a common jumping-off-point for RTW trips heading West. I have the GS here... The thought crosses my mind a lot...

It's nearly 50/50 I think. The GS would kick my ass at times, in bad conditions. At the same time, the WR would do the same when I had a decent piece of tarmac ahead of me.

I think the WR is a better machine for the job, when you get all the way down to brass tacks.

I may be totally wrong on this, but I think one thing (seeing your bikes together) your KTM has going for it is it's ALL black. The WR by contrast stands out like a sore thumb. I wonder if this "camouflage" might be valuable on the WR in other countries. In other words, perhaps you need to make it look a little shitty?
Great minds think alike! It is my full intention to "allow" the adventure conversion of the WR produce an unsightly critter, not being fond of a flashy bike on many levels. It would actually be an excersise in creativity to make her homely, to better blend in.
Originally Posted by Katoom119 View Post
6 one way, 1/2 dozen the other.

There have been a lot of guys that have taken the LC8 engine all over creation (Jean-Luc, Crashmaster, Misery Goat, Aurel) and never really had a problem. If a town doesn't have parts then UPS to the rescue. Obviously carry stuff you know you'll need like the water pump kit, maybe a sprocket set. Plus there are so many guys in OC that have done so much stuff to those bikes that if the Great Pumpkin goes down we'll likely be able to help you fix it.

The WR will be a lot nicer when the road turns to shit, you can kick it off of you if you crash solo, and from what I've seen those little bikes are bullet proof. A lot of Jap bike brands use the same parts so thats a plus.

Me, personally, I'd take the 990 because I know I can stand to ride it for days on end. Compared to my 250 XC-F which I think I would be sick of after a few days, and also to my 525 EXC that I made into a motard that after 8,000 miles I realized the seat sucked (better than the old KTM seats though).

It all comes down to you. What do you think you could stand to ride after camping in the rain, waking up wet and cold, and realizing you have to ride a bike for the next 6 hours?
Thanks Katoom. If it were not for sharing many of your very good perspectives, the WR would be a no brainer, and my likely choice at any rate, but much of what you pointed out gives me pause, and to be sure, it is nice to seek council. Thank you for your insight.
Less pondering. Simply march ahead, to the ends of this majestic planet.
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