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I see your point, CD, and, in fact, your point was echoed by the parts guy at AF1 Racing in Texas...

that said...I'm still troubled by how both turn signals broke. I can't account for it...I don't remember doing anything which would have caused the turn signal to contact or brush up against anything...a lot of bikes have resided in my garage, including several which had their turn signals on stalks (BMW R1100R, Suzuki S40, Kawasaki Vulcan 750)...none suffered broken turn signal stalks.

I'm having the turn signal replaced again at the dealer, as well as the speedometer, which proved to be way out of calibration...and I'll carefully monitor what's going on from the time I pick the bike up until I return home...we'll see what's going on here...

Again, I love the bike, but I'm not going to pull any punches regarding problems, whether caused by my actions or by a design or build deficiency. I committed to that when I started the thread and that's what I'll continue to do. I've done the same with the SWing...
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