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I don't meet your requirement of having travelled around the world by bike, but I do have some experience nonetheless.

I don't much care for the choices.
The KTM is a beast and frankly, I wouldn't trust it.
The WR, while very cool, isn't well suited to carrying lots of stuff for an extended tour and wouldn't be too pleasant on open stretches of highway.

I'd choose a KLR. Kinda boring but can carry a huge amount of stuff (if desired), gets excellent fuel mileage, and is reliable. Large fuel tank, great after market, theoretical parts availability, and good balance of dirt worthiness and highway manners are a draw. Do the doohicky, thermobob, Odyssey battery, front rotor, sub frame bolts, add an SU rack and Caribou bags, DR650 footpegs (or similar) and head out.

A DR650 wouldn't be a bad choice either.

IMO the bikes you currently have are neither fish nor fowl for a RTW trip. My $.02

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