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Originally Posted by smash81 View Post
Thanks Don!!

I looked through that axle list twice (my eyes are utterly crossed now!) and couldn't find the DL1000 listed.

I'm hoping for specific info. Like, "you need a vstrom axle, 2 ____ width spacers..." and maybe a pic of a caliper mounting bracket? I'm no good at fabricating, am hoping for help from those who have come before so I don't have to scrap the idea of making my Ninja a bit more capable.
you're starting point is the axle diameter used with your 41mm KLR forks, which i think is 17mm. you're looking for a wheel that will work with this diameter axle.

second, you're looking for a wheel that either already uses a 17mm wheel bearing, or an instance where a 17mm bearing is available in the correct diameter and width. for example, the DL650 uses a 17mm axle with a 17x40x12 bearing, while the DL1000 uses a 20mm axle with a 20x47x14 bearing. there is most likely a 17x47x14 bearing/seal that will work with the DL1000 wheel. Easy to check availability online.

third, the wheel is going to be centered, although the ER6 clamps are not the same centers as the KLR clamps. with the forks clamped in place on the ER6, it's easy to get an accurate measurement between the inside fork faces at the axle location. the wheel hub width can also be easily measured at the outside wheel bearing surfaces. the difference between these numbers divided by 2 yields the length of the 17mm spacers needed to center the wheel. often it's much easier and less expensive to buy a pair of used 17mm spacers and have them turned to length. these spacers should be steel, the bearing seal cuts grooves in aluminum spacers too easily.

do yourself a favor a get some basic metric measuring tools, cheap at the big box. get a carbide tipped scribe at the same time.

draw yourself a picture and fill in the blanks with the measurements.

the easiest brake setup to use with the 41mm KLR forks is to stay with the late model KLR650 caliper, and use a 290mm SV650 rotor with the DL wheel. use a braided SS brake line in KLR length. the caliper will need a spacer, but this simple piece is easier to make than you might think once you take a few measurements.

you're fortunate in the sense that you already know that these parts will come together correctly on your ER6 to make a very acceptable suspension when coupled with your Versys shock.

the specifics you're hoping to find only take a few minutes to determine yourself.

this is an example of a home shop built caliper spacer bracket, yours will look different. these are not difficult to make.

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