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yes Honda sold out to the communist greens.That 2 stroke was called the exp 400 it was an experimental 2 stroke that used Direct injection and activated radical combustion that was used for off throttle and midrange which is basically detonation and complete burn,It also had a high tech powervalve that closed off the exhaust from going and killing the fresh charge from going out the exhaust.It relied on the spark plug for starting,lo speed operation and wide open throttle. It was raced in baja,Dirtbike mag and Dirtrider talked about it like it was going to be the next best thing since sliced bread back in 95-96.On the test they took the expansion chamber off and put there finger in there and there wasnt any oily 2 stroke residue at all, rumors had it was cleaner then the cleanest 4 stroke at the time and then just like that nothing more was ever said or mentioned about it.It was gone and forgotten not another word was mentioned about it.The next time Honda made an announcment it was they were going all 4 stroke an no more 2 smokes.But the technology does exist why Honda killed it wether for price or blackballed by the elite green movement or whatever I do not know. I also thought w some mods a xr 650l could make 50 something hp
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