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Originally Posted by jdiaz View Post
Boeing will not even accept your application and resume if you they ask for CATIA experience and you don't have it. They have decided to ignore ProE and SW folks completely.

Like others have said, once you learn one of them, its not hard to come up to speed on another.
The frustrating thing about Boeing is their online application process. It is good practice to tailor your resume to each job you're applying to, but Boeing not only doesn't allow your own resume to be uploaded in lieu of their form, but once you create one via their Proper Form, you can only have 3 variants. So, if I want to apply for 4 jobs, I'm automatically out of the running for one of them.

Originally Posted by Donkey Hotey View Post
(the guy who got the job HADN'T heard of Catia and learned it just fine.)
I remember at an internship a couple years back, I had to ask my mentor how you even pronounce Catia (having never heard of it, let alone ever used CAD before). Yeah, I did architectural drafting in high school, and had some slight manual machine tool/blueprint experience, but.. I was able to get up and running fairly easily, and made the rest of my college that much more successful by jumping over to SolidWorks. The main trick to switching software was finding where they hid the buttons.

Since I know how frustrating it is to talk with "talent acquisition" people (HR, not engineers) looking for specific CAD experience similar to, but not exactly what I had, I will jump at the opportunity to be a part of the hiring process for new blood. I've already put myself on a volunteer list to visit my alma mater on recruiting events.

Originally Posted by PunkinHead View Post
For designing parts I like to think in terms of the steps to actually manufacture it. Start with a big block or rod and start carving like you'd do on a mill or lathe. I don't like adding - I like taking away material just like the machinist will.
I've heard people describe that thought process as the difference between the last couple releases of Catia. I've only used V5, so I can't confirm.

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