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"We're absolutely coining it in on our small capacity dirt bikes and will continue to do so, but there's another lucrative market segment we should be going after: The middle aged, middle class man who has watched The Long Way Round and wants a bike that people who know what they're doing can/will ride in the dirt, but which he himself will never even take down a gravel road."
Not picking on you in anyway Ceri JC, it's just that your post kind of describes me.... I'm very interested in the 1190. I haven't had a street legal bike in a long time. I've been thinking it's time to buy another one. Ideally (meaning if I had the money), I'd buy two street legal bikes - something like the Honda or Kawasaki 650 or KTM 690 plus an "Adventure" bike. I don't want another "crotch rocket" (too old for those now) or a "cruiser" (those just aren't for me) or a Gold Wing. Since I don't have the money for two more motorcyles (I have four dirt bikes and two ATVs), one bike that appeals to me will have to suffice and from what I've seen about the 1190, that's it. I WILL take it down a gravel road in a heartbeat. I probably will not ever do any serious offroading with it because I already own bikes better suited for offroad than any "Adventure" bike. I doubt seriously that I'll ever make any long trips on it either (meaning no further / longer than a few hundred miles / weekend trips). I want something that I can ride on both the interstates and the back roads and also haul a change of clothes and a tooth brush in case I don't want to go back home the same day plus something that is capable of and practicle to ride somewhere other than paved highways.

BTW, I've never seen (or even heard of it before your post) The Long Way Round.

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