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Originally Posted by Lone Rider View Post
Good for campfire talk....
.....Depends on what types of roads you plan to travel.
Endless... Again a mindset.

PM crashmaster, who contemplated similar scenarios and options, and recently rode many miles south. A solid source to tap.
Thank You Lone Rider. I have read crashmaster's entire trip. Hopefully he might offer insight on how he would vary his approach given a second whirl, and the 2 bikes on hand..
Came away from the campfire and purchased these two bikes.
Now I'm in the trip planning phase, seeking advice from predecessors.

It is my sincere hope that those who went before might be willing to express how they might approach the journey given a choice between the two bikes I have aquired, if they were to start all over.

As I stated, the routes and roads will often be on a whim, and accordingly will vary considerably. Only turning back when safe passage is doubtful, while taking full advantage of the type roads these suspensions are adept at navigating.
Keep in mind, if I had done this before I wouldn't be compelled to ask, I would recall what they already know.
Less pondering. Simply march ahead, to the ends of this majestic planet.
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