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Vancouver Island 2012

Day two of the trip..
all is going relatively smooth when I decide to stop in Bend around 11- 11:30 to check the GPS on my phone.
Needed to see if there was an alternate route to get over to 5 since there were some pretty big fires going on
and the first pass was likely closed.

I pull in to a parking spot so I can check the phone map.

Didn't like my parking position and wanted to roll forward so I turned the bike on.
turn it off, turn it on, power but no turnover. Nothing.
and I'm on a slope where rolling backwards is the gravitational choice.

The bike has always had weird intermittent starting issues and sometimes would do this.
So I'm not too concerned at this point.
I figured I'll get something to eat, check the connections at the battery, do a little rain dance around the bike and then try starting it again.
But now I realize something else.. no cell signal and no wi-fi.
Good thing I died in front of a sports pub that served food.
By now I get a cell signal and start trying to figure out a few things.
After a nice lunch and what proved to be later, way too much iced tea,
I go back out and try to restart the bike.

So I gracefully unpack the bike to get under the seat, check the connections, still tight, touch every connection (you never know and part of said earlier rain dance), nothing.

Maybe a tiny bead of sweat starts on my forehead when I hear 'hey, bike problems?'
I turn around and met Pat, who ended up giving me a jump start and helping me on my way.
And is an ADV member himself as well as one of the most helpful people of the day.
We chat for a minute while I load my bike up and roll on.

Now every light you can think of is going on in my dash..
the temp gauge is steadily rising and all of a sudden it's hot as hades out.
oh, and I'm almost out of gas,
which means turning the bike off full well knowing it may not start again.
No spare key for the tank and the bike was running hot.

But I'm on a mission.

Something is now obviously wrong
and if I can just get to Tacoma where there is a dealer that I know of, I'll be a lot happier.
300 mi and 5-6 hours away.
I can do this, just not sure how.

My original plan was to leave Phoenix, OR that morning, take the scenic route through Bend, go back over through Sisters and make it to Port Angeles to catch the 5 something ferry to Vancouver Island.

It was now glaringly apparent after a late morning start and present troubles, that the original plan may need some tweaking.

About 1pm now, I stop for gas in Madras and guess what.......

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